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My name is Shaun Hubanks. I was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I moved around a lot when I was in my younger years. The reason why I came back to Arkansas because this is where I feel most comfortable and this is my home. I have worked with the public for many years as a telecommunication representative. I have worked with all types of people from the young to the old. My main goal is to be there for the people of Arkansas. I have a loving wife, and three great boys The reason why I want to be elected for Arkansas Commissioner Of State Lands is because I believe that land should go to the person who it belongs to. In the year of 2016, eighty-eight percent of land was returned back to the rightful owners. I want to get that number up to ninety-five percent. If you want an honest, hard working person to be able to do everything in his power to make it easier for the people of Arkansas then vote for Shaun Hubanks



I am having a fundraiser to help with my campaign. I am selling a variety of delicious cheese cakes for 19.00 a piece.All fees have to be paid in advance. To purchase please go to in the comments please put the name that you go by. Thanks for your support. Please click on learn more to see the available flavors for the Cheesecake. Thanks I am also having a Banquet on Nov 3rd, 6 pm. It will be furnished by Dorey's. The price is $12 dollars per plate.There will be BBQ Pulled Pork,BBQ Beans,Cole Slaw,Fried Okra,and hushpuppies. The address will be 1302 West Center Street, Sheridan, Arkansas 72150. The place is furnished by White House Hair. All proceeds will go to Shaun Hubanks' campaign to be elected as Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands. All fees have to be paid in advance. To purchase please go to in the comments please put the name that you go by. Thanks Please put in the comments if the purchase is for cheesecakes or the BBQ Dinner. If you want to donate without purchasing please do. Thanks again for everyone's support in my campaign.

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